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A rotten business All the cookies and milk you want And now a word from Michael Eisner… As a business, what do you do now? Bureaucracy Candid Clarity and Consequences Happiness is your responsibility Have you gone over to the Dark Side? Invoice Printer Voyeurism It’s the culture, stupid Key an Eye Open During Interviews, Part 1 Key an Eye Open During Interviews, Part 2 Key an Eye Open During Interviews, Part 3 Knowing Your Managers More on people and processes No excuses Now that you clinging to the Northern Hemispheriod are rested One Hour Overworked, Part 1 Overworked, Part 2 Overworked, Part 3 Pardon me, but what did you say? People vs. Processes Personal Buy-out Preparation Personal Defects Procrastination Pulling Together Resolve to think in 2010 Résumé 101 Shabby Office Assignments So what happens if you are in charge? Some Thoughts For Rough Times Steve Ballmer The case against narrow mindedness The danger in believing your own press The End The Folly of the Life Balance Concept The moral of this story is Morale The New Boss The unwilling Victim - The Worst Four Letter Word What are you afraid of? What Is On Your Résumé What is your responsibility for know how? Where is the passion Working for Idiots

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A New Tool For Human Resources, A Caution For Job Seekers Action, not Words Bad Management Practices Start at Home Been to a meeting lately? Capex will not save you Cross pollination inside the fence Disrupting the culture Do What I Say! Don't Forget the Spouses Executive Management by Avoiding Operations (not) Fear of Selling Fire Stick Foxes in the Henhouse Free Assets Generals Get close, part 1 Get close, part 2 Good Behavior, Bad Behavior Has decision making ability improved in the last thirty years Housekeeping Checkup Housekeeping Wrap Up I thought this was elementary… If Only... Impossible Until Inevitable Inefficiency with a twist It is still management Maesto's Morning Meeting Maestro Maestro's Weekend Management and the problem of motivation, part 1 Management and the problem of motivation, part 2 Managing by housekeeping Managing by the Numbers May I Suggest A Few Resolutions Meetings are killing us Modernizing The Pulp & Paper Industry Attitudes More Fundamentals Other data follies Over and Over and Over Paralysis by Precision Pros & Cons of Team Sports Race and Gender Should everyone get out into the mill? Shut Down Simplicity Six Degrees of Separation So What Is Koch Industries Doing Soft Management Solving the Paralysis Problem Taking Research and Development Seriously Terminating with dignity Their schedule, not yours They are watching you Time For A Little Review What makes a manager? Yes Your role

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